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Need advice

Angie - i need wedding advice
As someone who should have been a wedding planner or chef, can you be my wedding planning sounding board??

call me! i know you'll probably check here before your e-mail hehe

can't get Mika out my head

i freakin love this song - makes me want to sing very loud :D

ok i just....i...i am speechless
i am without speech!
no speech!
i just wanna say
Burberry sucks ass

that's all

well she made it back safe :)

ok, i gotta go beddie, then i will tell you all about my ride home :S
bah, deb has gone :(
here is her flight shortly after take off, and 1 hour 30(ish) later

a lil worried that the altitude says 0ft on both, but the plane has moved quite a bit so i can only assume the website is dicking about...which is fine lol


you better freaking believe i said

YES YES YES a thousand times YES!

( they'll make an Irving out of me yet ;)

Jan. 5th, 2007

So Debbies visit came and went, and we were both very happy to be together again
i went up to Widnes 1st and met a good chunk of her family, then her friends, all of which are so lovely
then she came down south and met my folks, and we spent 2 lovely nights in the hilton waldorf
yesterday we were uber busy with shopping, and the tate, and the london eye, and dinner and my favorite play "The Woman in Black"
then upstairs in the hotel room, i did it
I asked her to Marry me....
what did she say?

Stay tuned for the next installment!!

i here

I'm here - it's cold and dull and rainy - but oh so nice to be home.

Nothing could beat the smile on my Nans face when she saw me, it actually lit up the room - that was worth every single cent of what its cost to get here :)

every penny...

everything else good on this trip is a bonus after that

off to suprise the other grandfolk in the next hour :D

i love making ppl happy

she's landed!!

England all out for 159 :(


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